mskathywoods showing service for sellers

Here’s how it works: Each time your property is shown to a prospective buyer, the showing details are entered at The system automatically follows up with each showing agent, to solicit the buyer’s comments for your showing.  Once the buyer’s comments are received, they are automatically entered into the system. You will receive private online access to read your feedback:

What does this mean to you? You’ll get immediate direct feedback from prospective buyers, allowing us to correct any misconceptions or improve the way your home shows before negatively impacting the sale of your home. logs each agents information after they have shown your property. We can us this to keep in touch with them, like letting agents know about updates to your listing. After all, what good is a marketing change if nobody knows about it?Feedback is available you 24 hours a day. You’ll never feel like you are “out of the loop”. Never miss out on a showings again!

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